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Working in the North. Raised in the South
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George W. Stewart is a self-taught, multifaceted contemporary graphic artist who is based in Newcastle, UK. His work is process-based and focuses on pushing techniques and experimenting in a variety of disciplines.



Following his initial year of studying Fine Art at Newcastle University, he made the deliberate choice to depart and opted for an independent and unrestricted path to nurture his artistic craft and acquire hands-on experience. Subsequently, he has engaged extensively in the cultural sector, collaborating with artists, musicians, and galleries, generating artwork for event branding, music packaging, textile design, mural creations, and an array of dynamic moving image ventures. His artistic pursuits have primarily revolved around printmaking, drawing, teaching, and publishing, and he has been actively involved with Risograph printing since 2016.

George served as Cobalt Studios' in-house designer and managed their on-site Risograph printing studio. During his five-year tenure at Cobalt, he acquired skills in branding events, crafting distinct graphic posters, filming and editing videos for advertising purposes, as well as engaging in publication design for artist projects.

Following his departure from Cobalt, George dedicated himself to his personal artistic journey and the world of printmaking. He established both Newbridge Print Studio and Overlay Press, endeavours aimed at fostering community support and providing alternatives to traditional university institutions. Through Overlay Press, George has personally crafted a diverse range of unique publications in collaboration with charities, arts institutions, and fellow creatives, all meticulously designed and printed by hand.


Selected clients/collaborators: University of Oxford, University of Durham, University of Newcastle, Shieldfield Youth Group, Dwellbeing, Berwick Visual Arts, Hatton Gallery, The Newbridge Project, My Voice Matters, System Gallery, Ouseburn Market, Slacks Radio, 40 Kola, E.A.S.A., Mother Mercy, King Baby Bagels, Slugtown, Lubberfiend, Arena NCL

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